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Welcome to Joma

We offer freshly baked, no preservative, quality products. With over 27 years of experience, we constantly strive to deliver best quality products and services to customers while maintaining our vision to empower community and people around us.


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Cakes & Pies


Made from high quality cream with obsolutely no preservatives or additive. Impress your love ones with Joma's healthy yet incredibly delicious cakes & pies!

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Pastries & Bread

Joma is famous for quality bread, bagels and pastries. Freshly baked in a day and completely get sold out by the end of the day. We pride ourselves in one of rare bakery in town that is ISO certified and do not use any preservatives. We want to deliver to our customers premium quality products at all times.

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Cafe Menu

Come and taste the authentic North American cuisine, an experience you could barely find any where else. For many of our Western customers, Joma gives them a taste of home, for others it is an unique taste of Western Cuisine.

Come & check it out for yourself!

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Joma Tô Ngọc Vân

Joma Liễu Giai

Joma The Garden

Joma Cầu Giấy

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